Ongoing Costs & Earnings

Ongoing Costs

Becoming a franchisee with Just Pizza & Pasta is about being your own boss, and growing your own business, so the majority of the money you make stays with you. However, there are certain costs involved in our partnership.

We charge an ongoing franchise fee of 5% of your gross turnover. The average franchise fee is around 8-10%, so this is a pretty good deal!

There is also a fee of 1.5% of your gross turnover for our national marketing levy. This goes directly into our marketing efforts to raise and maintain brand awareness on your, and the network’s, behalf.

Earning Potential

Exactly how much you can expect to earn from your franchise can vary a great deal and depends on a variety of factors such as location and the local market. However, based on our current operations, we are more than confident that you can enjoy rapid and significant returns on your investment with a Just Pizza & Pasta franchise with the following annual net profit projections:

Year 1 – £96k

Year 2 – £113k

Year 3 – £130k

Year 4 – £145k

Year 5 – £160k

Please note that these figures are purely illustrative based on our own current operations. Exact earnings and running costs will vary from area to area. We will be more than happy to share more detailed financial information with you as you move through our enquiry process, and will help you to assess the potential of your own local area.

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