What Makes Us Special

Fresh, delicious food

We can’t emphasise this enough. By putting all our energy and passion into making every single dish shine, we can always fulfil our promise of providing only the freshest, most delicious food to our customers. Pizza and pasta are nothing revolutionary in the culinary world, of course, but it’s amazing how few restaurants can deliver it in that authentic, rustic style, and in a way that is affordable and accessible.

We have our own light succulent secret pizza dough, which you will use in your franchise, and our professional gas & wood burning ovens have been handmade by Forni Ceky, the leading Italian manufacturer of hand-crafted ovens for pizza baking.

fantastic customer experience

When it comes to great food, they say the first taste is with the eye. When it comes to great restaurants, first impressions are just as important. By creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere from the moment a customer walks in the door, we’re setting a scene for a great occasion. From our laid back, family-friendly warehouse styled restaurant, to our open show kitchen, every moment in Just Pizza & Pasta is designed to engage all our customers’ senses, and make sure they know they are part of something special.

Excellent customer

We like to bring a little bit of that famous Italian hospitality to how we work, too. Though our bustling restaurants always keep us on our toes, we are never too busy to talk to our customers. Treating them like VIP guests or long-lost cousins who have dropped in for a meal with the extended family means every customer feels like Just Pizza & Pasta is a home away from home – one which they will return to, time and time again.

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