Your Territory

We’ve spent a great deal of time looking at who makes up our customer base, and how well it will work in other areas in the UK. Using this data, as well as geographical considerations, we will carefully assess the location you are interested in to ensure it is viable in terms of customer base and future growth.

We will guarantee that there will be no other outlets in your area, but the exact size of the territory will vary greatly depending on where it is in the UK. For example, a large town in a more rural county will naturally have a larger catchment area than a dense, urban population centre, where outlets can be more closely located and still provide an ample customer base.

We have taken every care to make sure that all of these territories are well balanced, and all have equal opportunities for success, as well as plenty of opportunity for growth far into the future.

If you’re interested in a particular area, or just want to learn where opportunities are available, the best thing to do is to contact us. We can let you know if there are any franchises already operating, or about to open, in your area, and also advise you on developing a business plan to make your new territory a success.

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