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The restaurant and take-away industry is a huge business here in the UK, worth more than £22 billion in 2022. In fact, it’s a huge industry in Just Pizza & Pasta’s home turf of Douglas on the Isle of Man! Despite the small size of the town and its surrounding area, home to 40,000 people, there are close to 100 different food outlets.

It’s quite the foodie destination for both locals and the booming tourist industry alike. It’s hard for any new restaurant to make its mark here, but Just Pizza & Pasta has been attracting customers from the very moment it opened. We are very proud to be one of the top rated restaurants on the island on Trip Advisor.

We appeal to a very broad demographic, and there is no one type of Just Pizza & Pasta customer. We’re regularly visited by families, couples, young and fashionable locals, holiday makers. We are also a real hot spot for business lunches and dinners. Basically, we appeal to anyone who loves to eat and enjoys fresh, great tasting food! Just another great reason why we are so confident what we have crafted will work anywhere in the UK with the right kind of person behind it.

Our flagship restaurant on the Isle of Man now has more than 800 4- and 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor and Google. Here’s just a sample of the incredible feedback we have received:

“This place is simply the best !! It is a must visit if you are on the Island. We have eaten here lots of times, and the food never fails to impress.” – Matt C.

“A perfect experience from food to wine in a relaxed and typically lovely Italian restaurant. Just the best place. Staff attentive and friendly and great ambiance. Been many times and standard never varies. A brilliant dining experience and always well looked after by Mitch and his staff.” – Nigel K.

“Superb and authentic. Great ambience combined with superb food and wine. Pizza was delicious. Highly recommended.” – Jane M.

“The food was amazing… all of us really enjoyed it… the atmosphere was very relaxed and chilled out too. All in all a great experience and will definitely return.” – Louise C.

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