What we do

What we offer is: Just Pizza & Pasta!

Well, ok, we also do a few tasty risottos and salads after customers requested them, and we also serve a range of alcoholic and soft drinks, but you get the idea. Our menus offer a handpicked selection of much-loved, rustic Italian dishes. We believe that keeping our menu simple is one of the keys to our success. Many restaurants dazzle their customers with a huge menu, but we know that there is no way to guarantee fresh and delicious food in every dish using this model.

Instead, we are committed to always sourcing the very best Italian ingredients, beautifully complemented by fresh, local produce to create simply amazing food. It is affordable, great quality and always bang on when it comes to incredible flavour, available for both eating in and takeaway.

We frequently adapt our menu to suit both our ingredients and our customers’ tastes. You can check out our latest offerings here: Just Pizza & Pasta Menus.

Our restaurants are decorated in a style which reflects the same rustic authenticity as our food but at the same time hints at a high-end ambiance which is accessible and appealing to customers of all ages and walks of life. With an open, uncluttered layout we are able to make our exciting open show kitchen a real focal point, directly encouraging each and every visitor to be fully immersed and engaged in the Just Pizza & Pasta experience.

Behind Just Pizza & Pasta is a single objective: to ensure that every customer thoroughly enjoys each and every visit. Put simply, no-one else does that as well as we do!

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