Big or small, a recipe for success in any location

I think I can safely say that you have subscribed to these emails because you want to run your own successful restaurant one day, but what kind of place comes to mind when you actually imagine your future location?

Is it a large, bustling venue with dish after dish being brought out by busy waiters to a restaurant packed with more than 100 people? Or maybe something a bit more cozy where you can replicated the feel of an intimate, family-run Italian restaurant?

Well, thanks to the flexibility and versatility built into the Just Pizza & Pasta franchise business model, you can build your own restaurant business in a way that suits you and your local area.


The flagship Just Pizza & Pasta restaurant has room for 120 “covers” (that’s 120 seated customers) and, of course, most of the financial info you will have seen on the website is based on a restaurant of the same size. After all, that’s what we know best.

However, as part of looking at new locations for franchisees round the UK, we’ve also been looking at how well smaller setups will work, too, and the numbers are just as solid. Even with just 40 “covers” and a restaurant as small as 1500 sq. feet (140 sq metres – the size of a small shop), the Just Pizza and Pasta franchise model can offer you great returns on your investment – and smaller restaurants mean lower overheads, too, of course.

Not only that, but the whole small, cozy local restaurant vibe works just as well with the relaxed, feel-good style of Just Pizza & Pasta as a larger restaurant. So, whether you want a big, bustling city centre location, or somewhere more suited to a back street or small town, this franchise can offer you both possibilities, or anything in between.

So, if this is your first time running a restaurant and you prefer to start small, or you just have the perfect little, bijou location in mind, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

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