Make money while you sleep with Just Pizza & Pasta!

When I say you could be selling pizzas in your sleep, I don’t just mean you and your team will be so well trained that you can make great food with your eyes closed – I mean you can literally sell them 24 hours a day with a Just Pizza & Pasta vending machine!

You’ve probably seen vending machines which serve all kinds of hot food in the past, with varying levels of quality, but this is one with a real difference. It actually serves fresh pizzas that are just as good as you will find in the restaurant because that is exactly how they are made.

You simply prepare the pizzas in your restaurant as you normally would, and then cook them about 80%. They can then be loaded into the machine, and finished off to order in just a few minutes. It stores 96 pizzas in total, with as many different topping options as you want to add.

Check out this video to learn more about how it works: BBC North West report Isle of Man one of the first places in the UK to have a pizza vending machine

It’s a huge hit at Just Pizza & Pasta’s flagship store on the Isle of Man. During the recent, annual TT event, Just Pizza & Pasta welcomed more than 4,000 customers in just 2 weeks, with one guest desribing the business as “one really slick operation”! On the busiest day, they saw more than 400 visitors, meaning their vending machine saw plenty of custom from guests the main restaurant just couldn’t squeeze in. However, it’s a real draw all year round as locals know they can get their favourite pizza 24/7!


The Isle of Man vending machine is located right in front of the restaurant, but this concept also has a lot of potential in other locations in your territory. Imagine one located in a university student residence ready to roll day and night. Or in any safe, high footfall location such as a hospital, business centre, service station or music venue. Even at festivals or events… the potential is huge! And it could mean thousands more customers for your business.

The machine is not included in the franchise package, of course, but Mitch from Just Pizza & Pasta has an excellent relationship with the supplier, and has already been using it for several years, so he knows exactly how to make the most of it. Not to mention that he and his team can teach you and yours how to make the mouthwatering pizzas that make it so appealing!


This really is a concept that is worth digging into a bit more deeply, and one you will not find with any other brand. If you’d like to learn more about it and how it could work for you as a fantastic new revenue stream on top of your core restaurant, then we should have a chat.

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